Third Floor


11= Balcony. A dusty balcony with a suit of black plate armor standing against one wall, draped in cobwebs. A secret door in the west wall was found by Ophelia, which when opened, revealed a cobweb filled wooden staircase.

12A= Master Suite. The double doors to this room have dusty panes of stained glass set into them. Designs in the glass resemble windmills. Burgundy drapes cover the windows. In the room is a four-poster bed with embroidered curtains and tattered gossamer veils, a matching pair of empty wardrobes, a vanity with a wood-framed mirror, and a jewelry box. Ophelia looked inside the jewelry box to discover three gold rings and a topaz pendant but she claimed she didn’t need such things, and put the box back where she found it, allowing Erzi to take it and its contents.

12B= Empty closet.

12C= Balcony.

13= Bathroom.

14= Storage Room.

15A= Nursemaid’s Suite. Dust and cobwebs shroud an elegantly appointed bedroom, which once belonged to the family’s nursemaid. The master of the house and the nursemaid had an affair, which led to the birth of a stillborn baby named Walter. The cult slew the nursemaid shortly thereafter. As Ophelia, Elbar, and Galdan went to investigate the adjoining nursery after entering the room, Erzi stayed behind to examine a mirror, which led to the appearance of the Nursemaid’s spectrer.

15B= Adjoining Nursery. A single room containing nothing but a crib covered with a hanging black shroud standing in the center. When Ophelia, Elbar, and Galdan looked into the crib, they noticed a baby sized bundle in it. But upon unwrapping the bundle, there was nothing in it.

15C= Balcony. Overlooks the front of the house.

Third Floor

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