Fantasy Costco Barovia

Barovian Braid of Questionable Garlic – May or may not prevent vampire attack. All sales final no money back.

  • Will create a cloud of smoke when shaken. The cloud covers anyone and anything in a 10ft sphere centered on the holder.
  • Roll a d10 to check if it hides you. 1-5, you’re visible; 6-10, you’ve been hidden.
  • Being ‘hidden’ by the cloud will give you bonuses at the discretion of the DM.

Set of Barovian Nesting Dolls (5) – Painted in the old Barovian tradition, the outer doll seems to depict a fierce but noble warrior king. When shaken, you can hear the sounds of the other dolls stacked inside. But there’s a strange weight to these dolls – they’re heavier than they should be.

  • Each doll, when put together, is actually an explosive charge and its attack is determined as follows (from outer to inner):
  • 1d4
  • 1d6
  • 1d8
  • 1d10
  • 1d12

The Lederhosen of Doom

  • Once per session, gives the wearer a +2 in any skill they desire. The bonus is reset at the start of each session and must be declared then, the wearer may also elect to not take any bonus for a session.
  • When fully removed, the bonus is lost and the wearer takes disadvantage and -2 on all checks related to the boosted skill for the rest of the session.
  • If they are removed when no bonus was taken, they take disadvantage on all checks related to the last skill they had boosted.
  • If they are put back on after being fully removed, the wearer only takes disadvantage on all skill associated with the boosted skill.
  • If they are destroyed or lost, the DM has their discretion to further impose disadvantage or any other negative effects on the player.

Compartment Ring – A silver ring with a hidden compartment in the top. Inside the compartment is a mysterious powder with changing abilities.

  • To use, roll a d4. There is enough powder inside for a single person and it all must be consumed in one use. The powder replenishes itself at the start of each day.
  • 1 – The powder is poisonous.
  • 2 – The powder heals you completely.
  • 3 – The powder turns you blue for 24 hours.
  • 4 – The powder heals you for 2 HP but there’s a side effect.

Mysterious Set of Clothes – A full set of Barovian garb made for a very petite woman. The inside tag reads Runaway Bride Designs. Wash cold. Hang dry.

So You Want To Woo The Burgomaster’s Son Starter Kit – Hey you! Yes you! I know what you’re thinking! That Burgomaster’s son is really one of a kind, isn’t he? I know you’ve got your eye on him. But so does someone else. You know it, I know it, he knows it. Don’t you want the upper hand? Not just WOO him, but woo him right – and with So You Want To Woo The Burgomaster’s Son Starter Kit, you’ll have the PERFECT item for the right occasion! The kit is sealed. When you shake it, you can hear a few things rattling inside. There’s the faint hum of magic around it – you know this will unlock when the time is right.

Alarm Chalk – A short piece of chalk that can be used to set up a temporary alarm perimeter.

  • To use, make a mark on any flat surface. The mark looks like any other mark made with a piece of chalk and is plainly visible to the naked eye.
  • Marks made with the chalk persist in the world until they are triggered or washed away (such as by rain or spilled water, etc).
  • Anything that physically crosses over the mark triggers the alarm, a loud set of bells that can be heard by anyone/anything in the surrounding area for 30 seconds. Once a mark is triggered, it cannot be triggered again.
  • If space is left to either side of the mark, someone can easily skirt the edge and not trigger the alarm, so it is best used in doorways or windows.
  • There is enough chalk left to mark 10 doors/windows or to make 2 larger shapes. It also has all the same properties as a normal piece of chalk, so it could be broken or deteriorate naturally.

Restful Music Box – A simple wooden music box that can be played once a day during a rest. When the party goes to rest, roll a D20 to determine the effect of the music.

  • On a 18, 19 or 20, the box plays a relaxing tune and a short rest has the same effect as a long rest.
  • On a 1, 2 or 3 the box plays a haunting melody and the party cannot recover any HP during that rest.

Guiding Lantern – A small copper lantern inhabited by three small light spirits.

  • To use, tell the spirits a landmark or specific object/person you wish to find. One of the three spirits will emerge from the lantern and guide you along the way for up to 15 minutes. * After the alloted time, the spirit tires and returns to the lamp. Another spirit may be used to continue the guidance or to choose a new target.
  • Once all three spirits have tired, they must rest for 1D4 days before they can be used again.
  • If the location/thing specified is unreachable (in another plane of existence, magically cloaked, etc), the spirit will still be ‘consumed’ but will not lead the party anywhere.
  • The spirits do not trigger traps and are undetectable by enemies. They do not know of any secret passages/routes unless they have already been discovered by the party. If the lantern is broken, the spirits escape and it becomes useless.

Silver Oil – An alchemicaly fabricated oil that looks like liquid silver.

  • The substance can be applied to any surface or object to temporarily give that object ‘silvered’ properties (PHB pg 148).
  • The effect lasts for up to 1 hour outside of combat or for 1D6 attacks in combat.
  • Objects with the substance applied appear no different from how they did originally.
  • A single vial is enough to cover a large two handed weapon or a similar amount of area as decided by the DM.

Inspector Spectacles – A seemingly ordinary pair of silver spectacles that are sold with a bag of 10 coins.

  • If a coin is placed at a location, the wearer can tap the specatcles and view the placed coin’s location. They have black and white vision only (no sound, no smells, etc) for a 15ft sphere from the coin.
  • Their eye level is wherever the coin is. They cannot see through anything that would obstruct their line of sight from where the coin is.
  • The coin could be placed on a moving object, changing the view as it moves along.
  • The wearer can only see things from the location of the last placed coin. That view is always available until the next coin in placed.
  • When looking at the coin’s view, they cannot see anything happening to them in their current location. They must also be looking at something in their currently occupied plane of existence, the spectacles do not work across planes.
  • Once a coin has been placed, it can be picked up and moved but not returned to the bag.
  • When all 10 coins have been used, they are magically replenished at the start of the next day.
  • Roll a D20. On a 20, all 10 coins are automatically returned to the bag.
  • On any other roll, only 1D10 coins are returned to the bag.

Fantasy Costco Barovia

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